Uninvited Guest

  “For six or more nights in a row, recently I am being woken up by ‘something’. Do not know what it is, but in my mind there is an idea of some soul/spirit or ghost. I do not know. I have not seen anything, but feel something. I have no clue whether it is […]

How to Live?

“I would like to know, can enlightened people have their own way of living, as in conventional metro sexual lifestyle (I mean being enlightened and having a conscious choice), or only to be a recluse?   Hi!   People who know their true nature (or who are free), can live in any expression imaginable. That […]

Making (small)

    With our innate human desire to connect, to be one with, to belong,   it is powerfully tempting to make ourselves small in the midst of smallness.   *   What do I mean by smallness?   Nothing judgmental, really.   Only small by way of limited thinking and limited identity which both […]