I have been studying the subject of spirituality (with a focus on enlightenment) for more than 20 years.  My own awakening out of the personal “me” took place in 1995, and I have never – not for one minute – stopped growing and learning how to experience more freedom in every area of life, as well as how to more effectively help others in discovering the reality of their own ever-present freedom.

“I trust her guidance implicitly.”

Just like you, I had been fascinated by the possibility of more to life than I previously knew, and I devoured many books on the subject, too.  But when the “you-know-what” hit the fan, having only an intellectual grasp of spiritual concepts was not enough!

All of my years of knowledge and understandings put together did not prevent me from being gripped by old subconscious patterns of hatred, violence and despair; and only by being extremely earnest, longing for the truth above all things, and bringing what answers came to me out of that sincerity into real life and into real action, did I emerge victorious.


If you ever need someone to talk to who neither loses sight of the perfection of the universe, nor of the tenderness of our very human experience, please know you can call on me.

When you are ready to embody more presence on a consistent basis, then you will want to make an appointment with me immediately.

 “Thank you so much Kheyala … for your powerfully helpful pointing.”