So, in order to be able to maintain consistent contact with what is divinely your highest nature, you must not only discover that essence for yourself; but you must be able to bring that realization in a very tangible way into every aspect of your life.  This must translate into action, borne from wisdom, which unerringly leads to mastery and Grace.

Extremely few of us, however, manage to reach this all on our own.  Nearly everyone, even the greatest masters of all time, have received and been blessed with guidance and support along the way.

And this is exactly where I can help.   But let us be clear that there is nothing of substance  I can give you, because I cannot give you what you already are.

What I can give you is my full attention. And when I do, it comes to me, the precise guidance to offer in that moment.

“She has this uncanny ability to nail whatever it is that has stopped me. She goes straight to the heart of the very issue that is the source of the most pain at the moment, even if it’s not what I’m talking about.”

What it always, ultimately comes back to, is your taking that leap from the limited “me-centered” view of the situation to the wisdom of the view from the grand scheme of things.

Once you experience what that leap feels like, then you make it – with or without me – at shorter intervals, until you hardly ever have to make it at all because your identity is now oriented in the greater truth.

“Now that she’s done all this work with me, I can get back to a state of being with ‘what is’ so much more quickly now. I only ask for her help maybe 5% of what I did before because I know my true nature now.”

With this new orientation, you have access to inner peace that is lasting, and greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life.  This solid orientation in the very truth of your being allows you to master situations that had always before confounded the personal “me.”  This is truly a permanent, life-changing realization.


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