February 13, 2013 ·


“ACIM Lesson 133:  ‘I will not value what is valueless.’  My question is, is that all EGO?”



Yes, of course!

And does that mean there’s something wrong with it?  No.



When you know the truth about Who You Are, then you already know all about “value.”  You don’t need to abide by a statement such as that because it is already a way of life.  It is already so; like an unspoken “I (already) do not value what is valueless.”



Even still, it’s not as if the statement itself has no value  😉 .  As a matter of fact, it may be just the ticket Oneness uses to provide the exact insight, inspiration, and/or support to the mind that needs just that in any particular moment.



… Apparently, not your mind, though  :) .  Haha!  Not right now.  :)  The fact that you even asked means you are, indeed, in a very different place on your path.


So I smile lovingly to you, my friend, and I bow in respect.  Congratulations!!  :)

And thank you for writing!


Please write again.







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