And the World Is…

February 6, 2013 ·


“I’m trying to understand the world’s nothing at all.”


Ahh, Goooood! Well, there is really only one way to go about this. Instead of looking out at the world to understand it, you must look instead to understand Yourself first.


When you have a quiet moment, please read on.


Find out what YOU are.


Are You these words you are reading right now? What is reading these words?


And the sounds you are hearing?


The sights all around you?


The sensations of your body right now?


What knows these things?


This whole body experience … is it You??


*** If You are the One who is AWARE of it all, then how can these things, in themselves, be You? ***


Going into the subtle realms, how about the emotions you are feeling?


How about the thoughts?


Your beliefs? Your ideas? Your opinions…


Are they You?




If you are the One that is having them, then, again, how can they be You?


Can You, in fact, be *anything at all* that you can possibly be aware of?


*** Including – even subtler now – the very sense of “me”? ***


If nothing you can be aware of is YOU, then what on Earth (or off!) are You?




Sitting in the center of this question, in its very heart and soul, I ask you now:


Look around, inside and out. What is the nature of this world?



If you have come to understand the answer you were seeking, that “the world is nothing at all,” that is Awesome! 😀 !



Now – Don’t stop.


There is More.





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