Love, In Your Clothing

January 10, 2013 ·


“In my surroundings, and as far as I remember, nobody, absolutely nobody, utters the word « Love ». So, being used to this condition, I feel as if « Love » doesn’t exist or it is used only when writing a novel, a Book, or a letter, only in writing, I mean! Otherwise, why am I daily meeting an old, frail woman (here she is called the beggar!) who has all her relatives dead (I asked her about this matter) and who lives alone and has to beg charity in the excessive frozen weather, sit in the street, with very, very, very dirty clothes and body? Today she told me this, «I have blinded my eyes with tears every day and night.» Other people of my current village, exactly forty thousand people, live with their families, children, wives, husbands, relatives, relatively comfortably while this old or senile woman lives among them (authorities and mayors and civil associations among them) in a really wretched condition and is suffering from hunger, cold, heat, loneliness, illness, etc.”

Oh, I do very much hear your compassion, friend. Thank you.
Tell me, what is it that feels for this old, frail woman? What is it that experiences pain to see her lonely, hungry, cold, and dirty?


* What is it that sees her – as if she were somehow your very own self – and wishes for her a better life? *


This, my friend, can be only Love.
This Love is palpable, and it is Here Right Now.
This Love exists because You exist, and your kind attention is the proof.
Whether anyone in your culture ever speaks the word or not, Love is what is looking out of your eyes in every moment that you care. If you allow it, Love will move your mind, your words, your hands.
Ramana Maharshi, the great Indian sage, said, “Love is the actual form of God.”
Can you see how this might be true (by whatever name you use)?
Tell me, can it really be that Love exists only in writing?
Yes, there is suffering in this world; there is no doubt.
At the same time, friend, if you look, can you find that there is always… ALWAYS… another element that is present?
What is it that is Aware of the suffering? What is it that is Aware of the cold, and the hunger, and the loneliness? What Knows these things?
Is what Knows them affected – at all?
Can you see that this Awareness precedes all the sensations of the body, and all the thoughts of the mind? That in fact, for anything else to even appear, this Awareness must be present?!
So, what, then, you ask, is “Love?”
*Love is Pure Awareness’ response.*
Therefore, Love is the potential at all times, because Awareness Is Present At All Times.
Regarding this hungry, old woman that you meet on the street every day, how do You, as Pure Awareness, respond? What does Love look like in Your clothing?
There is so much Love here, even right now, as I type these words.

Thank you so much for sharing.






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